50% Bonus Transferring Hotel Points to US Airways Until March 31st

Go here to see a list of hotels available to transfer your unused hotel points to US Airways Dividend Miles at a limited time bonus rate of 50%! Unless you have a small random amount of points in a hotel account, this isn’t the greatest promotion.



Here Are Two Great Transfer Options:

In my opinion the only real gem of this promotion would be to transfer your SPG points to US Airways, or your American Express Membership Rewards points to SPG, and then to US Airways. Let’s look at the breakdown.

1. SPG Points to US Airways
SPG Points transfer at a 1:1 ratio to US Airways. For every 20,000 you transfer, you get a 5,000 point bonus, and with this new promotion, you get a 50% bonus on top of it! So if you transfer 20,000 SPG points, you will receive 37,500 US Airways Dividend miles! That’s a pretty good deal if you need some award flights booked on US Airways or other Star Alliance carriers.

2. AMEX Membership Rewards to SPG to US Airways
AMEX MR points transfer usually at a 3:1 ratio to SPG, which is terrible, but currently they have a bonus running so they transfer at a 2:1 ratio. Still not that great, but this current transfer bonus to US Airways is one of the many ways you can take advantage of it. If you transfer 40,000 Amex MR to SPG, you’ll receive 20,000 SPG points, which will then transfer to 37,500 US Airways miles like I talked about in option #1 above. So you’re transferring AMEX MR to US Airways at a 1 to .9375 ratio which is pretty good.
My Strategy:
I have a lot of Amex MR points (148,000+), but I don’t think I’m going to use this promotion. I have no immediate need for any Star Alliance flights. My travel plans are set all the way into September, and I don’t have my Fall 2012 schedule or any of my 2013 schedule yet to book any new travel either. I’m also swimming in United Miles now thanks to the Months of Miles promotion, and my Ultimate Rewards account is highly stocked up too, so with all of those factors, I will not be making any of these transfers to US Airways.
Will you be transferring anything? Leave a comment below!

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