Thursday 07 May 2015

77 Salvations, More Miracles, & Desert Outreach in Week #3!

Brenda fearlessly sharing the gospel to kids and their parents


It has it been an INCREDIBLE 3rd week of training here in Peru! So amazing, that I wanted to start off this update with the word “Woah” instead of anything else.
This week I really felt like a true missionary, as we saw over 77 people give their lives to Christ in a period of 5 days! WOW. What excites me even more is that with the model of missionary work that we do over here, they will all be followed up with by the local missionary team (we will help), and will be given opportunities to learn more about the bible in home bible studies, discipleship classes, and leadership classes. PRAISE THE LORD!

I was praying on Monday, and honestly I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to tell Jesus, or ask for besides phrases like “Thank you!” “You’re incredible!” “You deserve all of this and more!” “Thank you for this!” “Thank you for that!”….. and on and on.

If you have spent any time in prayer or donated any money to my work as a missionary. THANK YOU!
Know that your time and money is being spent on the most valuable thing of all time – The Kingdom!


Here’s a recap:

11+ Salvations Saturday Baking Demo: There’s been a short term team of missionary volunteers here from Nashville for the last 2 weeks. They’ve been building a temporary church building for another city in Peru, and helping us with evangelistic outreach events.  Saturday morning the short term team and the local 40/40 team hosted an American cooking demonstration in a market, baking American style treats and sharing for free. At the event the gospel was shared, and 11+ people were prayed with to receive Jesus as Savior….AMEN! We couldn’t be at this event b/c we were in our Spanish classes, but we rejoice with them, and are praying for fruit that lasts.

9 Salvations Sunday am Roulette Trivia: The short term team, our team, and the local 40/40 team hosted a “Roulette Bible Trivia” event that was supposed to be in a market… the police didn’t want us in the market, so we moved to a large street corner/intersection. We had a wheel to spin to select a category, and homemade bible trivia questions. Correct answers received large American candy bars. After we drew a large crowd (50+ people), Heyner presented the gospel and we prayed with 9 people to receive Jesus – just right there on the street corner! I’ve been amazed at how creativity and boldness pays off down here. I’m not sure how effective these kinds of events would be in the states, as usually street preachers are looked upon as “Crazy” or “Freaks”. Here, people embrace it and really listen!

Packed Sunday night service & more salvations: With the short term team of 7 people and all of the new invites to church that showed up (incredible!), we PACKED the house on Sunday night. An altar call was given at the end to receive Jesus as savior, receive prayer for addictions to be broken, or for healing (anything really!)… 7 people accepted Christ for the first time, and about 20 total people came forward for intense prayer. We went Wayyyyyyy over our time that we rent the building, and it was phenomenal!

taking very early – before it filled in.

- 20+ Salvations at Tue Bible Trivia outreach: The short term team and local 40/40 missionaries hosted another Bible trivia roulette wheel game on a different side of town while we were in school, studying Spanish. This time they prayed with over 20 people to receive Jesus as their savior. WOW, AMEN! I get so excited just typing this out.

Jesus film showing, 26 salvations, clothing donations: Yesterday all of us hosted an event for kids and parents way on the outskirts of town, out in the poor areas of the desert. The residents on this side of town live in 1 room houses the size of most American bathrooms. Be thankful for what you have – whatever it may be! We began the day at 3:30pm walking the dusty streets, knocking on doors, and inviting families and kids to the event on the cement. Within 20 minutes the soccer court packed in with over 100 people and screaming kids excited for balloons, games, face paint, free clothes, and more.

Brenda fearlessly sharing the gospel to kids and their parents

Extreme has a large donor from the states who ships crates upon crates of clothes donations for us to give away in South America. Due to government regulations in Peru, we can’t just give them to anybody, we have to distribute tickets w/numbers to the attendees and they have to write down their ID # on them and it is reported to the Gov’t. Why? Who knows… At night we showed part of the Jesus film and Pastor Elvin (local pastor here) presented the Gospel, and 26 people came forward to receive prayer for Salvation. AMEN! Watching Jesus shed his blood on the cross in the Jesus film, and laying hands on the men and women in the dusty, dark, remote village was an incredible moment for me. I am truly a missionary!

Pastor Elvin sharing the gospel in the desert after the Jesus film

Miraculous healing:
Pastor Elvin received a word from the Lord for someone with a stomach illness/pain to receive healing. So he invited anyone to talk to us afterward about that. A lady came up and they prayed for her to see a miracle. Brandon and I saw it and walked over to join. She didn’t get healed after the first prayer, but she had received Jesus as savior and was emotional. I asked her in Spanish if she still had pain, what it was, and if we could pray again (she wasn’t healed yet). We prayed again and she was being OVERWHELMED with the presence of the Holy Spirit, and God! Afterwards she said the pain was gone, and was very emotional. Her name is Vilma, and her life was radically changed along with the other 100’s who heard the Gospel this week.

Stunning panoramic sunset during the event!


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