Thursday 07 May 2015

Beach Time, Halloween Event, & more healings in Peru


60 Second Update:

- Enjoyed this week’s day off at the beach for the first time in Peru.
– God is still welcoming new people to His Kingdom every week in Church.
– “Holy Fest” Halloween event had 2 people accept Christ!!
– Doctor said the growth on the uterus of Miluska that we prayed healing over is now “gone”, AMEN!
– I’m now playing the “cojon” (small box drum) in church. Enjoying using that gift, when the opportunity is there.

*Originally written November 10th, 2012
It’s been a great couple weeks since I last wrote. The weather doesn’t change much in Peru where we’re at, so while some of you are receiving snow, and seeing thermometers hit the red zones, we are still wearing the same clothes we brought down here 7 weeks ago. This Monday for our day off (do you really get a day off in ministry?), my team, 1 of our Spanish teachers, a couple friends, and another local missionary family all took the bus 2 hours to the coast of Peru for a day on the beach in Mollendo, Peru! The water is freeeeezzziiinnnggg, a lot like the beaches in California. The waves were so big though, and the beach was so empty (summer isn’t until Jan), that we just had a blast! Someone lent us an inflatable “boogie board”, and I couldn’t stop riding the waves for hours. The temperature probably didn’t get warmer than 75 degrees, but being closer to the equator, and my stubbornness to not put on sunblock until my skin was beat red…. I’m now shedding all sorts of beautiful colors! Pain, and potential problems in the future aside, we had a great day!
Halloween…Holy Fest…New souls!
Interesting time of year here in Peru a couple weeks ago with Halloween. Most of the celebrations here in Arequipa are new & only done b/c they’re trying to do what they see in popular Hollywood movies and TV shows from America, which is pretty sad, since most of what they are trying to replicate is carnal garbage. One of the Nazarene churches in town put on an event called “Holy Fest” where we gathered to worship, pray, play games, fellowship, etc. from 9pm – 5am. It was all ages, but mostly teens and young adults. I think we had about 80 people in attendance, and 2 teenage boys accepted Christ as their savior for the first time. Pray that they continue to come for worship and discipleship!

The worship team in our church plant has doubled in size from 2 people to 4 people since last week. Chelsea is now playing the keyboard, which was miraculously donated for the church to use “for 2 years for free” (WHAT?!), by some guy we don’t know. I’m also playing the “cojon” now which is the small acoustic box you sit on and play hand drums on. There’s a part of me that after playing drums for so many years in For Today where you’re practically “adored” for what you do, that has not wanted to play drums while here or even talk about my prior ministry in For Today, as to not boast on anything I’ve done, or receive any glory I don’t deserve. Then there’s another part of me that has been trying to figure out how to use that gift here. Thankfully the Lord gives us the spiritual gifts that we ask for, and I can minister when not behind a drum set as well. Now I get to do both again, God is good.

It’s not about the numbers people, but I really like numbers. Spiritual numbers, Bible numbers, financial numbers. Through my work before the band, I learned to like numbers a lot.. The Bible uses #’s too, in fact CRAZY numbers, like when there would be 3,000 people added to the Acts church in 1 day, or when Jesus fed the 5,000 (which may not include women & children too!). The numbers side of me has been trying to keep track of how many people have invited Christ into their life that we know of while here in Peru. I’m excited to say that it is HARD to keep track! Good problem to have, amen, wow wow wow. Keep praying for the ministry here!

Doctor Confirmation…

I’m blown away by what God does on a daily basis, and I’ve seen miracles many times before, but they never get old! Actually on Halloween night, we found out that Miluska went to the Doctor. They came back with mostly good news. The growth on her uterus that we prayed healing over a week prior, and that she was going to get operated on 6 months later, is now “GONE”, says the doctor! He said now she just has a small infection. He prescribed pills and she’s been sick this week from that. Please continue to pray for her and her whole family that they would abide solely in Jesus, and that she would recognize the miracle was from the Lord and not by our power.

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