HOT DEAL! Earn A Free Flight For Last Minute Valentine’s Day Flowers!!


It’s that time of year again where some will go over board and shower their loved one’s with flowers, chocolates, gifts, or maybe even fancy romantic getaways!  You know what that means if you’re a smart consumer – it’s time to earn some freaking miles for it!  If you haven’t ordered any flowers or gifts yet but were considering it, then you need to capitalize on the great offers from airlines & flower companies partnerships.

There are offers for several airlines. Overall, the most important thing to do is to get the best deal, and get the most miles for the airline or alliance that works best for YOU!  If you are a big spender on flowers you can earn some SERIOUS miles with the below offers. If you order flowers for your company or are a big spender, then you would only have to spend $556 through 1800 Flowers to earn 25,000 Delta Skymiles which is a FREE ROUND TRIP FLIGHT on Delta in the USA & Canada!
See the best offers below:
Delta – 40 miles per $1 at and use promo code 52DE for an additional 5 miles per dollar:
United/Continental – 30 miles per $1 & 150 Bonus miles spent at FTD:
American Airlines – 30 miles per $1 spent at FTD and 100 bonus miles if purchased on Citi AA credit card:
US Airways – 25 miles per $1 spent at FTD:


Hawaiian Airlines – 25 Miles per dollar spent at FTD:
jetBlue – 20 points per $1 spent at FTD:
Southwest – 1,500 points PER ORDER from Teleflora:


  1. Kevin Dunlap says:

    Very awesome! I just earned over 2,000 points on something I was going to buy anyway!


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