Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

HOT DEAL! Free McDonalds, CheeseCake Factory, Best Buy & More from American Express & Twitter!

American Express has been on a ROLL this past year with offering great deals through social networking for their card-holders. Recently American Express announced that if you synced an eligible American Express credit card to your Twitter securely through their link, and then tweeted with their hash tagged coupon codes, you would receive cash credits on your American Express card statement for in-store purchases.

It seems like they’re going to keep announcing new deals but here’s their current offering of companies participating:
McDonalds, 1800-Flowers, Best Buy, H&M USA, Gulf Oil, FedEx, Cheesecake Factory, Seamless, Century 21, Virgin America, Whole Foods Market, FTD Flowers, Sports Authority, & Dell.
For an example of how it works, if you register, and then tweet #AmexCheesecake it will automatically register that deal to your card which gives you $10 back on any $50+ in store purchase. The statement credits post automatically on your American Express card that is registered. The McDonalds is straight up FREE McDonalds! Tweet #AmexMcDonalds and get a $5 statement credit for spending $5 or more at McDonalds by March 31st! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you don’t have a Twitter, and you don’t want one, you should at least consider getting one just to get deals and to tweet at companies about your experiences (good or bad) while traveling. You’d be surprised what they will offer you!

Register for the promotion and sync your American Express credit card here:                  

View the list of available deals and codes to tweet here:                                    

Definitely note that some of the deals have expiration dates of when you have to make the purchase by, and some have limited quantities available. I registered for a few of the food one’s that I will definitely use and a few of the store one’s too. All it takes is one or two tweets to register all of the hash tags! Just remember to use your registered AMEX card when you make your purchase, and you’re gold.

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