Thursday 07 May 2015

HOT DEAL! Get 12 Airline Lounge Passes, 12 Gym Day Passes, & 2 $100 Gift Certificates ALL For Only $32.94 TOTAL!

American Airlines Admiral Club Lounge - Boston International Airport

Have you ever heard of Skyguide’s Executive Privilege Club? It’s a program run by American Express for frequent travelers like you and I. They run cheap sign-up offers with interesting bonuses throughout the year to entice users to sign-up. If you travel a lot, and/or go to gyms a lot, you can get some HUGE value out of this deal!!  & Yes, it is reported to work by dozens of people across multiple forums. If you don’t have lounge access through elite status, or through cards like the American Express Platinum card ($450 Annual Fee), then this offer is for you! Heck, even if you DO have Lounge Access from the Platinum card, but you want to work out while you’re traveling, you can still save a few hundred bucks with this offer.
If you just go to the Skyguide website directly and try to join the Executive Privilege Club, they want to charge you $199 for a year of membership! I’m about to save you hundreds with this offer :)


  • Get reimbursed for 12 Airline Lounge Passes in a year for yourself for up to $50 each use
  • Get reimbursed for 12 Health Club/Gym Day Passes in a year for yourself for up to $25 each use
  • Receive 2 $100 Gift Certificates

How It Works:

Click the link below to sign up for Skyguide’s Executive Privilege Club. You will be charged $2.99 for a 2 month trial of the program, and then after that you will be auto-billed $29.95 for the full year of membership. For a total of $32.94 which is less than the cost of ONE Airline Lounge Pass. AMAZING DEAL!


3/2/12 UPDATE: Thanks to Deals Seeker, a new link has been found to sign up for only $19.99! The only catch is that according to the link, the deal expired over 154 days ago… People on the milepoint forums have claimed that the sign up is working for them after 30 days, but sign up for this cheaper offer at your own risk.

Make sure you pay with an American Express card for the Skyguide membership (above), and for all Airline Lounge Passes & Health Club Day visits that you want to get reimbursed.
The program is an American Express program, and payment by cash or other credit cards invalidates the offer.

For Airline Lounge Pass Reimbursement:
To get reimbursed for the lounge passes you must save a clear copy of your receipt, which means you shouldn’t let it get crushed or smeared in your pocket. Then send in a reimbursement form (accessible when you’re a member), and a copy of your receipt with your name on it via Certified Mail within 30 days of purchasing the Lounge Pass. You will then receive a check in the mail with your reimbursement approximately 6 weeks later.
You can claim up to 12 Lounge Passes a year, for up to $50 value each one. You don’t have to space each usage throughout the year. If you fly a lot and you use them all up in a month, that’s fine, just save your receipts and make sure you mail them all in via Certified Mail within 30 days of purchase! 2 more things to note in the terms are “Monthly or yearly airport club memberships are not eligible for reimbursement” (obviously!), and that the “Guest Pass is not transferable to family members or friends”. You could encourage them to sign up for this offer too if they want to share the lounge benefits that bad :)
Maximum value from Lounge Pass reimbursement = $600

What’s So Special About Airline Lounges?
I’ve been to a fair share of lounges on different airlines in a few different countries, and I have enjoyed every single one. Airline lounges are where the smart flyers & the most elite flyers go, where the people flying in first class spend their time in between flights, and where famous people socialize. Why? The Benefits.
Generally all lounges offer these benefits all for free:

  • Free Drinks: soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, spirits, etc.
  • Free Snacks: this can vary from small snacks to a full-blown buffet!
  • Free Wifi: priceless
  • Satellite TV playing your favorite programming
  • A lot of lounges also have stocked shower rooms to shower before or after your long flight, business areas with printers & copiers all free, quiet areas & napping areas, help with flight information, comfortable seating, desks, kids play areas, music lounges, etc..

Links To The Three Major US Airlines Lounges:

American Airlines Admiral Club:
United Airlines Club:,,52674,00.html?navSource=rccNav&linkTitle=rccFeatures
Delta Airlines SkyClub:

Lounge & Health Club Benefits from Skyguide:

Health Club/Gym Day Passes have the exact same terms as lounge pass reimbursements above, but they can only have a maximum reimbursement value of up to $25 per use. Other than that it’s all the same in that you can only redeem them for yourself, you cannot be reimbursed for your gym’s monthly/yearly membership fees – only day pass fees, and you can use up to 12 in a year as quick or as slow as you want. You mail in the reimbursement form & receipt via certified mail within 30 days of purchase for your refund to be received within 6 weeks. Easy!
Maximum value from Gym Pass reimbursement = $300
Total reimbursement value, aka free experiences is $900 – $32.94 membership fee = $867.06 (minus your certified mail fees). All in all a great deal and you’ll be eating and drinking in VIP Airport lounges, and working out in gyms and health clubs for only a couple bucks each visit. What a great deal!

You also will receive 2 $100 gift certificates. I’m not the biggest fan of these gift certificates, and there’s a reason that discount websites sell them for just a few pennies to the dollar, but some of you will get some value out of these.

My Personal Plan:
I personally was on the fence about signing up, but I just signed myself up. I had to think about all of my international travel coming up to see if I would be able to capitalize on some major lounge usage and decided it will be beyond worth it!
I’m flying to Guatemala on Tuesday for Valentine’s Day, and I have a 4 hour layover in Dallas on American Airlines, so I’ll be able to enjoy a nice time at the American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge at the DFW (Dallas) airport drinking diet cokes, eating snacks, and surfing wi-fi. When I get back 2 weeks later, I’ll mail in my receipt & the reimbursement form for a $50 reimbursement check. Plus I’ll score 50 Membership Rewards points for putting the charge on my American Express Gold card!
I will also get to use the United lounges in Boston & Chicago in April, the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt, Germany in April, the AA lounge in Sao Paulo, Brazil in June, Atlanta Delta Skyclub in Aug & Sep, & the JFK Delta Skyclub in Aug & Sep. That’s 9 free lounge uses that would normally cost me $39-$50 per use!

I don’t expect to realistically be hitting many gyms or health clubs for day passes with the way that my travel schedule is laid out. I don’t have a problem with that considering how much money I will already save just from the airline lounges!

Anybody already done this deal in the past or have comments on it?
Will you be participating?

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  1. This is a fantastic offer! I haven’t signed up yet… quick question, my monthly gym membership is $20… if I had my gym write a receipt for me for $20 each month, and I write “day pass” on that, does that make it qualify?? LOL

    • admin says:

      According to this link that explains the benefits you can’t use the reimbursement for any monthly or annual dues… Now what your receipt says is – up to the receipt issuer I guess!!! The reports I’ve read on Milepoint & FT are all a green light for the reimbursements though, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t. You do have to mail certified mail every time though. Maybe you could convince them to run a “$20 day pass” 12 times in a month and send them all in? I don’t want to be the ethics police on that one though!
      The link for benefits with terms:

  2. carlos says:

    ps: ive read other reviews, this actually works just make sure you follow all the rules!!

  3. Hi David,
    Here's a new link that is found on MilePoint. It's for $19.99 for 1 yr. with no trial.


  4. DAVID says:

    i see you can purchase 1 day passes online for united at $39. has anyone tried this and submitted?

    • admin says:

      There’s a lot of great data points in the Flyertalk & Milepoint threads. Pretty sure it would work according to what I read, but I have not personally done that myself. On my last trip I used this for an AA Admirals Club Pass and a Priority Pass Lounge at the DFW airport. Mailing in my reimbursements today. – David

  5. Haotian says:

    @Mike @Mike If you buy passes onnile, they are usually valid for 1 year. You don’t get passes for signing-up through this program. Instead, you get reimbursed for passes which you buy.@EMLY The certificates are not particularly valuable. The main benefit is getting reimbursed for the lounge passes.@TheInternationalLine Thanks for that very detailed post on MP and for the heads-up on the privacy policy.@Krys I interpret it the same way as you and that you can buy up to 12 passes a year. I used Emily’s AMEX to sign her up.@heather @BothofUs2 Some lounges (AA) let kids under 18 enter with their parents. Others like Delta restrict that to kids under 2. It varies with each lounge, but you can read the terms and conditions for the day pass onnile.@hola I believe you have to mail them in within 30 days. No receipt would mean no reimbursement!@Henrik $18 is better than the regular rate.@Greg Thanks for the tip!@DealsSeeker Thanks for helping out!@Sandeep Good to know that you got reimbursed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. John says:

    AMEX Platinum doesn’t give you lounge acsces to United lounges. Also, you have to pay to use the lounges through Priority Pass which you could get reimbursed for through this program.@DAVID You can buy 1 pass and submit it as a test to see if you get reimbursed. That’s what I’m doing!@emily Amex Platinum doesn’t reimburse you for lounge acsces (though some have managed to get reimbursed for that).@Jacob – I’d keep it open and try to convert it to a no-fee card from the same issuer as long is it doesn’t change the account opening date.@Dan I agree! We usually order tons of stuff to meet the minimum and bring it home.@huh I’m sure you’ll get a receipt for lounge acsces outside the US!@AJ I suspect you could since I don’t see a restriction that it has to be a unique AMEX card, but I don’t have any personal experience.@DealsSeeker – Unfortunately, I don’t. But give it a few years.

  7. get this… 256 days late and it still works :-) just thought you might want to know that.

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