Thursday 06 Jun 2013

HOT DEALS! FREE Elite Status – Hilton, Hyatt, & National Car Rental!

Hot deal alert!! Last week I wrote about obtaining a free trial of Hyatt Platinum status for 90 days. A new offer from National Car Rental has surfaced, and an older offer for Hilton is apparently still working! Everybody loves free elite status with free hotel suite upgrades, extra points, late checkouts, free car upgrades, guaranteed rooms, etc..

Here’s the breakdown of everything:

  • Free Hyatt Platinum trial status for 90 days. You need a Visa Signature card to obtain the status. LINK
    Even if you don’t have a Hyatt stay coming up, this may be worthwhile to get if you were going to apply for the Chase Hyatt credit card that comes with 2 free nights at any Hyatt in the world. The card already comes with Platinum status, BUT if you have Platinum status when you get the card, you get 2 free suite upgrades from Hyatt too. SCORE!
  • Free National Car Executive Emerald Club status. You get benefits like no 2nd driver fee, extra points, free car class upgrades, etc.. It usually takes several rentals from National Car to obtain this status. Get it free. LINK
  • Free Hilton Gold status. This offer was available last year, before Travel and Credit was online, and all you had to do was enter the first 6 digits of a Visa Infinite credit card. I don’t know anybody who has one, but it only took about 5 minutes, for everyone to figure out what the first 6 numbers are – 442394. I obtained free Hilton Gold status through this offer and was upgraded to a Junior Suite at a Hilton Garden Inn in Indiana because of it in January. The offer page has gone away and come back a couple of times. This time, you need the FULL 16 digit number. If you’re really diligent, you can use the first 6 numbers above, and follow the instructions in Gary from View From The Wing’s post HERE to get the status. OFFER LINK


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  1. DealsSeeker says:

    Free National Car Executive Emerald Club status, link is missing.

  2. Hi,
    I plan on taking advantage of the Club Carlton promo and would like to get status match with them. I've tried to get the Hilton Gold (although that would only make me Silver with Club Carlson). Any ideas?


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