Thursday 07 May 2015

I’m Earning Miles in Europe With The Band and Lacking Wifi

Christmas Eve in Madrid, wondering how we found dinner!

(Photo from last Christmas Eve in Madrid after we finally found somewhere open for dinner!)

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. My full time job is playing drums and spreading the Gospel through a band. We just wrapped up our 7 week North American headlining tour, and flew over to Europe on Tuesday night for a really short run. We flew Boston to Frankfurt direct on Lufthansa. Pretty easy, un-eventful flight where we all earned a few thousand miles. Last year we had so many Star Alliance over-seas flights as a band, that everybody earned Premier Silver elite status with United! Wait… except for poor old me, because I flew home from Mexico on Delta instead of United due to routing and location issues. Ouch!  We only have 5 shows in Germany & Belgium this time around. The first 2 in Germany were incredible, definitely our best shows in Europe that we’ve ever had (this is our 4th time here).

So where have all of the articles, stories, and frequent flyer updates been?
We were supposed to have a 3g MIFI card from TEP Wireless in Germany so we would have wifi at all times, but apparently their Frankfurt terminal location is down, so they had to cancel our order. Brutal, but nothing I can do besides rely on venue & hotel internet in the few minutes of spare time each night.

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Speaking of “Travel and Credit”, I was having a funny conversation of rhymes with friends in Germany 2 nights ago and it went like this “It’s called Travel and Credit, don’t ever forget it, and I don’t ever use no cash or debit”…. Caught up in the moment I guess! :)

If anybody is in Europe, we still have these shows left:
Apr 27 – Dessau, Germany @ Beat Club
Apr 28 – Meerhout, Belgium @ Groezrock 2012
Apr 29 – Stuttgart, Germany @ Pirate Satellite Festival


Flying home next Monday, April 30th. I hope to be able to post at least ONE relevant post about traveling, and crediting, before we fly home. Fingers crossed! It’s now almost 5am at our Berlin hotel, so I should go to bed!

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