Saturday 22 Sep 2012

New 35k Alaskan Airlines Card — 50k Sapphire Preferred Mastercard Is Dead…

alaskan airlines card

Things have been crazy the last couple weeks for those of us chasing wild credit card deals! Lots of offers were discovered, raised, lowered, and killed by Chase. I posted last week about there being a 50,000 point offer for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Mastercard still available online after Chase had lowered the Visa & Mastercard offer down to 40,000 points. Some of the offers from Chase that appeared, were taken down almost immediately, but this one lasted a few days. As of today, it’s down, and the only offers available are 40,000 after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. It’s a bummer but it’s still a decent offer and a fantastic card, and I still consider it valid for my TOP DEALS page.

New Alaskan Airlines card offer: 


We did get a new offer today though that seems to be real, and “worth it” in my opinion:

35,000 Alaskan Airlines Visa Signature card from Bank of America (Click for application)

I got one of these cards last year when they offered it for 40,000 miles, which was the highest it has ever been offered at. The normal offer is 25,000 miles. So at 35,000 miles, I consider this a pretty great offer especially for those of you who have most of the “popular” cards already, or have too many cards with issuers like Chase, & American Express.
- No Minimum Spend & most people experience the miles post before even receiving the card!
- Great Partner Alliances so you can book awards on American & Delta with Alaskan miles online – no need to call!
- $99 Companion Voucher code for anyone to fly with you in any class for only $99! Your companion still earns miles for the flights too
- This card (and other Bank of America cards) are reportedly “churnable” – ie. you can get the bonus again by re-applying for the same card a few months later.

- There are 3 versions of this card. The Visa Signature, Platinum Plus, & Preferred. Just like Barclays does sometimes on their US Airways Mastercard, Bank of America may not approve you for the Visa Signature, but automatically approve you for a smaller credit limit on one of the other 2 card options. The downside is fewer miles! Here’s how you know: Credit limits of $5k+ are Visa Signature for 35,000 miles, $2k-$4,999 are Platinum Plus for 15,000 miles, & under $2k Preferred for 13,000 miles.
- Annual Fee is NOT waived for the first year. It’s $75 for the Visa Signature, $50 Platinum Plus, or $35 for the Preferred card. Hopefully you get the Visa Signature! $75 for 35,000 miles is ridiculously cheap and well worth it.

I, personally have not had any problems getting approved for $5,000 or more in credit limits from Bank of America or Barclays even with 2 dozen open credit cards from other banks. YMMV though (Your Mileage May Vary).

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