Saturday 22 Sep 2012

New Site Feature Added: View My Entire Travel & Tour Schedule!


I’m excited to have a new page on my website called “Travel Schedule“. I’ve been meaning to add this feature to Travel and Credit for awhile now, and I am happy to say that after a late Monday night, it finally has been done! You may have already seen it added to Travel and Credit, because it is available at the top of the site in the menu next to “Top Deals” and “Contact“.

If you’ve ever been wondering, “Hey, where is David Morrison, aka Mr. Travel and Credit, traveling to next?!”, now you can know! Since I tour full time in a band (see ABOUT ME), my tour schedule is posted there as well. Next up: Finish the Fight The Silence Tour headlining in North America, play 5 shows in Europe, go home for a week, spend a month in Brazil, Venezuela, & Argentina, go home for a few days, play on Warped Tour all summer, see Colbie Caillat, play more Warped Tour, spend 2.5 weeks in the Dominican Republic, and on and on and on…

Check it out for yourself, Enjoy!


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