Travel Food Picture of The Week – Guatemalan Nachos

It's bigger than an encyclopedia!

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The legends of nachos and guacamole raining like free candy in Guatemala are absolutely true!
Wait… what legends? Oh that’s right, I never heard of the insane nachos & guacamole that are everywhere in Antigua, Guatemala until I got there! So now you know. If you love to eat, if you love fresh guacamole, and if you want nothing more than to eat some incredibly epic nachos, then you need to burn 35,000 frequent flyer miles and get to Guatemala already!


It's bigger than an encyclopedia!


To put you guys at ease, I DID split this with my friend Christa, and I would NOT recommend ordering one for yourself. We saw 2 tables next to us of people who all ordered 1 for each person and tried to eat it alone!! Bad idea, and lots of wasted food!


You can order this at Monoloco Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala just 1 block off the Central Park for 99-101 Quetzales ($12.80 USD) depending on your choice of vegetarian, steak, or steak & chicken.  Ask around, it’s pretty popular.

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