Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

Travel Food Picture of The Week – Guinea Pig In Peru

Imagen 032

Here’s one of my most popular food pictures that I’ve ever taken. I still remember all of my friends going “ewwwwww” when I put this on Facebook in 2009! This was one of my first meals in Cusco, Peru in 2009 while on an adventure trip with my friend Brad. The main dish of course being a fried GUINEA PIG!


Did they do ANYTHING to it before frying it? Looks fully intact...

On the top left you have a potato, in the top center you have a large pepper stuffed with cheese & other delights, and a small salad on the right. The guinea pig, or tiny bit of it tasted a little like chicken, but was overpriced and mostly just a “fun and cultural” food item for me. To all vegans, I hope you’re not offended.

What are some wild foods YOU have had while traveling?

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  1. Yuck. I remember this very well and still think it looks nasty! lol


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