Thursday 07 May 2015

What I’m currently Reading & Listening to

Be Encouraged.

Aside from reading the Bible every day, which is absolutely core to keeping a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father, my Spirit still hungers for more… Entonces (so/therefore/then), I also read more books about God, The Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, Testimonies of what God’s done, Missionary stories, and listen to encouraging music that lift up God.

I started the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan a week or so ago, and it’s phenomenal. Thanks for loaning it to me, Mom! The Lord has been teaching me about “love” for the past 2 years, and every day it gets more serious on my mind. It continues to encourage me to press on and look “dumb” to the world, b/c of how “radical” I live my faith. But it really shouldn’t be radical…it’s probably just what a real Christian should look like! Jesus said He’s the standard, entonces (then/therefore), we should look ridiculous and insane to the world.
$8.54 on Kindle (read online or your device) –

Just finished these 2 incredible books:

  • “Simple Devotion: Answering The Radical Call” by Micah Wood.

Learn about the depth and simplicity of how to be radical – read your bible, and pray!! This was put things in a whole new light and will change your devotional life.
$8 on Kindle (read online or your device) –

  • “Knowledge of the Holy”- A.W. Tozer

Learning about the DEEP, HARD TO EXPLAIN things of God, the Trinity, and a bunch of big words that will hurt your head. Read digitally so you can define words, or have a dictionary. This book will take you to the next level.
$.99 cents on Kindle (read online or your device):

Listening to:
These albums will change your worship life and have been rocking my world:
– “Live at The Banks House” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit
– “For The Sake of The World” by Bethel Live
– “Here on Earth” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt
– “God Is Able”, “Cornerstone”, “Con Todo” (Spanish) and every other album by Hillsong in the last 5 years
– Harvest Bashta
– “Love Come Down” by Brian Johnson
– “Awakening” – Jesus Culture


  1. Trevor says:

    The knowledge of the holy is definitely on my reading list!!!!

    • admin says:

      You need to! It’s so good. I have a couple other Tozer books that I haven’t started yet. Finished Crazy Love last night so I’m ready to keep goinggg.

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