Thursday 07 May 2015

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south america trip map

Heading to Venezuela today! 1 Month trip in South America

Wow!!! Today is the day where I embark on my longest vacation I’ve ever taken. I’m about to begin a 4 week trip in South America full of adventure, adrenaline, unknown, culture, food, & good times!! My friend Kate & […]

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New Site Feature Added: View My Entire Travel & Tour Schedule!

I'm excited to have a new page on my website called "Travel Schedule". I've been meaning to add this feature to Travel and Credit for awhile now, and

Mountains in Bolivia

My Valentines Day Present – A Free Trip To Guatemala!

2/20/12 Update 1: Funny Story in Guatemalan Airport Happy Valentine's Day everybody!   Oh the memories of Valentine's Day... I can remember a few Valentine's Days in the past of buying

Whitewater Rafting the Gauley River

I’m off to Colombia, to raft!

2/11/12 Update 1: "I Went Bungee Jumping in Colombia!"   Here I am, on my way to another airport to fly from JFK (New York City) to Bogota, Colombia down