Thursday 07 May 2015

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I canceled my American, Airtran, & Delta cards to dodge Annual Fees. More to come!

I know that in the last 2 years a LOT of people have signed up for a LOT of travel rewards credit cards from all the major banks to earn miles on all of the major airlines and hotels. The […]

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Beginner’s Step’s #1. Your Credit Score v.2 – “Credit Utilization Ratio & Myth’s about Credit”

This is the 2nd post about Your Credit Score in the Beginner's Steps series. Let's have a short recap about what was discussed in the previous post about

My Credit Score from Credit Sesame dot com

Beginner’s Steps #1. YOUR CREDIT SCORE v.1

This post is way beyond just beginners. This post is for anyone who needs, uses, or has credit, which is everyone. Learn about all sorts of aspects of