Thursday 07 May 2015

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I canceled my American, Airtran, & Delta cards to dodge Annual Fees. More to come!

I know that in the last 2 years a LOT of people have signed up for a LOT of travel rewards credit cards from all the major banks to earn miles on all of the major airlines and hotels. The […]

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Having a good time!

Busses, Canyoning, & Paragliding in Venezuela – OH MY!

As mentioned in the last 2 posts HERE, & HERE, I'm traveling around South America for a month right now. I'm currently writing this on my iPad while


Venezuela’s “Black Market” Money Exchange

As I spoke about in my prior post, I'm currently in South America for a month-long trip full of wild adventures. Due to most of our time being

south america trip map

Heading to Venezuela today! 1 Month trip in South America

Wow!!! Today is the day where I embark on my longest vacation I've ever taken. I'm about to begin a 4 week trip in South America full of


Huge European Shows & My Toy Gun Seizure in Frankfurt! Whoops

Sometimes when you stay up all night for a flight home from Europe, you aren't quite thinking straight. Been there, DONE THAT! Just last week to be precise!