Thursday 07 May 2015

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Julissa, Lynda, CJ, Chelsea, Brandon, & Myself.

Beautiful hallway baptisms in Peru, Church retreat, NASA? Pictures too…

I seriously pray that this post finds you in a blessed state from the Lord in the rewards from your time in the secret place (Matthew 6 & 7) and that you’ve truly rejoiced in the Lord always (Phil 4:4)! […]

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Beach Time, Halloween Event, & more healings in Peru

60 Second Update: - Enjoyed this week's day off at the beach for the first time in Peru. - God is still welcoming new people to His Kingdom every week


Dealing With the Demonic, Seeing More Spiritual Fruit, & God Changing my View on Church.

Short on time? 1 minute update: - New Christians at every Sunday night service & more at an event & a Casa Abierta (10 total since I last wrote) -

Brenda fearlessly sharing the gospel to kids and their parents

77 Salvations, More Miracles, & Desert Outreach in Week #3!

WOAH! It has it been an INCREDIBLE 3rd week of training here in Peru! So amazing, that I wanted to start off this update with the word "Woah" instead


Peru Week #2 – A Physical Healing Miracle, & more!

(Above left to right - CJ Childs (teammate), Chelsea Weber (teammate), Haley, Lynda, Tyler, & Ron Webb, me, and Brandon Doerkson (teammate/roommate) ) *originally written and sent out on


1st week in Peru. Changes, Baptisms, & Spanish

*Originally written and sent out October 1st, 2012* Writing to you from Arequipa, Peru, my temporary home for the next 5+ months. I've been here for a week now,

Missions Prayer Card med

I Quit My Band & Job & I’m Moving to South America – Reason for my vacancy!

Travel and Credit readers, I have to apologize for the lack of updates recently! My life has been absolutely flipped upside down over the last 2 months since

Bucket list - CHECK!!

Visiting the Tallest Waterfall in the World – Angel Falls 3 Day Trip Review Part 2 of 2: Arriving At the Mysterious Angel Falls!

In this 2nd part, you get to see the journey up river, the hike, and Angel Falls themselves! For the first part of my Canaima National Park review


Visiting the Tallest Waterfall in the World – Angel Falls 3 Day Trip Review Part 1 of 2: Ciudad Bolivar & Canaima National Park

I'm currently in Brazil for the 2nd half of my South American trip, and writing today about the last part of our Venezuelan leg of the trip -


I LOVE WHITEWATER RAFTING! Review of My 18th Time in Venezuela Last Week

Whitewater rafting is by far my favorite sport in the world. Also one of my all-time favorite hobbies, and what I always look for in travel destinations. Put